Wedding Wedding allows you to remove the stress of planning and managing a wedding. We leave the fun unspoiled. Effortlessly knitting together its various strands into a single magnificent event. Managing to make last minute changes look like thoughtful choices. In short, a dedicated mobile app for the new millennium.

What does this app gets you?
Direct advantages for the wedding organizers
  • Wedding eliminates almost all the costs of managing and monitoring rsvp invitations, and dealing with a very diverse and sometimes very large group of people
  • Organizing a wedding is always a fluid process. With AppBizz wedding you can be certain that last minute changes can be implemented and announced in real time. From transport to weather, from schedule to food allergies, from accommodation to music - you can handle it all like a pro.
  • Our wedding apps maximizes your ability to interact with your guests
  • Impress your guests with how much they can interact with you or other guests. Effortless image or video sharing, blogs, social media access from within the app, or even contributing to the creation of that Event’s Timeline.
  • Weddings are fun, so why not spread the fun of planning and making decisions to others? With our wedding apps you can easily involve others in planning or decision making: best flowers? cool music? changes to the wedding dress? wedding cake? bachelor / bachelorette party mayhem planning? Arm yourself with the most efficient solution to get group or individual feedback.
  • A lot of wedding related services will gladly provide a discount if you can show an objectively measurable advantage. Our app offers you the possibility of showing various businesses how guest recommendations on various social networks positively impact their marketing.
  • You can offer relevant recommendations on nearby places like restaurants, hotels, bars or public services from inside the app - a valuable bargaining commodity that will allow you to form partnerships with any of these businesses.
Direct advantages for the end-user
  • Wedding is always there, ready to provide any type of information a guest might need (schedules, places at the table, accommodation, types of food, music, contact addresses, maps, etc)
  • With Wedding your guests can be confident that any last minute changes will reach them instantly.
  • Our apps allow everyone to contribute to your wedding: suggestions, useful tips or even pithy advice you don’t need but are fun. Sharing pictures or clips and voting for the best pictures or toasts has never been easier!
  • Effortless image or video sharing, blogs, social media access from within the app, or even contributing to the creation of that Wedding’s Timeline.
Recommended Features
  • Push notifications are replacing the old ideas about information or ad placement in a mobile environment. With push notifications you offer the right information at the right time or the right place.
  • Surveys have proven again and again to be simple yet powerful tools for gathering valuable information.
  • Places allows you to guide effortlessly guest towards wedding related location(s) or towards your sponsors / partners’ locations.
  • Keeping in touch with your guest via Social Media is a significant bonus. The Social feed page allows your guests to login quickly, socially interact with you or other guests, or simply know "what's up".
  • The easier it is for the guest to communicate, the more he will be inclined to do so and none is easier than our Click to Call and Click to Email modules
  • .... and many other modules as well!
Push Notifications Surveys Location Social Feed Click to Call Click to Email
Why choose platform?

We work very fast: you can expect us to build your app in days rather than weeks or months

We maintain and update your app: the lifecycle of an app depends a lot on the lifecycle of the smartphone’s OS. Few developers promise regular and comprehensive maintenance. We do.

We offer you choice: you can can opt to build your own app by simply choosing the modules you need. We offer all the modules that are currently available on the market and a number of modules that you will only find here.

How can I get an app?
As simple as ABC! With you can have your own app in three easy steps
Step 1 - Create an account

Create an account on website and fill in a short form to tell us a bit more about what type of app you are looking for.

Step 2 - Select a demo app or choose your own module combination

Once you are registered you can download demo apps customized for a particular business category. You can test them out either on your mobile or on your desktop / laptop / tablet browser.

If you like it we can create an app that has the same module configuration but exhibits your business logo and content.

Alternatively, you can choose the modules you want and will assemble a customized app for you and send it to you for testing.

Step 3 - App is published

Once you finish testing the app you tells us if you want it published in App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android). As an additional service you can also opt to publish the app under your own brand name.

That’s it!

I want to test a demo app now!

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