The Promo app gives you a lot for a fraction of a cost of a traditional catalog: it gets to your clients instantaneously and your special offers will attract them to your brick-and-mortar locations.

What does this app gets you?
Direct advantages for the business owners
  • Promo eliminates almost all the costs of designing and printing catalogs or promo leaflets
  • Last minute changes can be implemented and announced on the spot via push notifications
  • Our promo apps maximize your ability to attract new customers by offering immediate incentives for joining. This category of app aims to give you the logistics to get exponential growth in the distribution of your promo catalog via social media networks.
  • With Promo you have an inbuilt comprehensive reward strategy for retaining customers: referrals that will result in new customers, as well as loyalty which will bring immediate benefits
  • Promo markets and spreads information about your event by leveraging natural human communications, making it as simple as gossip but far more relevant
  • You can notify participants instantly of any developments or special offers and be sure participants get that information. The fact that this promo platform is the customer’s pocket ensures information is always available, while automated tracking of push notifications means that you don’t have to guess, you can be sure who gets what in terms of information.
  • With our promo apps you have modules that enable you to offer contextually relevant information, such as offers from partner businesses.
  • Promo means effortless image or video sharing, blogs, social media access from within the app.
  • Our promo apps provide you the most efficient means to launch surveys or questionnaires; send reminders to those participants that fail to fill them; automatically display results to all your participants and update them as more people answer.
  • Our promo apps allows you to effortlessly organize and monitor Treasure Hunts: an innovative and highly successful customer engagement model that is becoming increasingly popular
  • Promo allows you to offer relevant recommendations on nearby places like restaurants, hotels, bars, public services, etc., from inside the app - a valuable bargaining commodity that will allow you to form partnerships with any of these businesses. Further, because relevant recommendations offered at the right time are not perceived as intrusive or ostentatious, you will not alienate your relationship with event participants.
  • Businesses will find that our inbuilt event app data gathering can offer valuable organizational and marketing insights.
  • Any business partnerships you form can see objectively the degree to which you contribute to their sales
Direct advantages for the end-user
  • Promo is always there, ready to provide any type of information a participant might need (offers, service or product information, contact addresses, maps, etc)
  • With Promo end-users can be confident that any last minute changes will reach them instantly.
  • End-users are offered contextually relevant information, such as other nearby business partners that offer complementary or related products / services.
  • Our event apps have been carefully designed to offer substantial benefits for the end-user from the get-go
  • Promo rewards end-users for each successful referral they make, encouraging them to be active promoters of your products / services.
  • By using innovative QR code technologies, customers can readily find the offers they were interested in.
  • Effortless image or video sharing, blogs, social media access from within the app.
  • Promo “injects” some fun and the possibility to earn rewards when participating in Treasure Hunts: an innovative and highly successful method to engage customers.
Recommended Features
  • Refer a Friend and Loyalty Card are some of the best tools to encourage the growth of your client list. Our app offers you the opportunity to use inbuilt QR code reader technology to keep track and reward referrals, new visitors.
  • Push notifications are replacing the old ideas about information or ad placement in a mobile environment. With push notifications you offer the right information at the right time or the right place.
  • Surveys have proven again and again to be simple yet powerful tools for market analysis. A well designed survey feature provides many advantages: customer engagement and actionable marketing intelligence among are just two of them.
  • Clients that send Feedback are valuable. Even those that have negative things to say about your business; the very fact that someone takes time to type it out is a sign they want to communicate. If you manage well your side's communication you will gain valuable insight and potentially a free advertiser for your business.
  • Places allows you to guide effortlessly participants towards event location(s) or towards your sponsors / partners’ locations. Allowing easy access to this kind of information shows concern for your customer.
  • Keeping in touch with your customers via Social Media is a significant bonus. Your customers need to be reminded that you are there for them. The Social feed page allows your customers to login to the business site quickly, socially interact with you or simply know "what's up".
  • The easier it is for the client to communicate, the more he will be inclined to do so and none is easier than our Click to Call and Click to Email modules
  • Treasure Hunts can be a lot of fun and very engaging for customers of all ages. We designed this feature to allow businesses to organize and manage Treasure Hunts with minimal resources and effort. More and more, visual content is what customers look for. With our Photo and Video gallery modules, new content can be updated over the air and can be used for product or service presentation or for educational, promotional or social purposes.
  • .... and many other modules as well!
Refer a Friend Loyalty Card Push Notifications Surveys Feedback Location Social Feed Click to Call Click to Email Treasure Hunt Photos Videos
Why choose platform?

We work very fast: you can expect us to build your app in days rather than weeks or months

We maintain and update your app: the lifecycle of an app depends a lot on the lifecycle of the smartphone’s OS. Few developers promise regular and comprehensive maintenance. We do.

We offer you choice: you can can opt to build your own app by simply choosing the modules you need. We offer all the modules that are currently available on the market and a number of modules that you will only find here.

How can I get an app?
As simple as ABC! With you can have your own app in three easy steps
Step 1 - Create an account

Create an account on website and fill in a short form to tell us a bit more about what type of app you are looking for.

Step 2 - Select a demo app or choose your own module combination

Once you are registered you can download demo apps customized for a particular business category. You can test them out either on your mobile or on your desktop / laptop / tablet browser.

If you like it we can create an app that has the same module configuration but exhibits your business logo and content.

Alternatively, you can choose the modules you want and will assemble a customized app for you and send it to you for testing.

Step 3 - App is published

Once you finish testing the app you tells us if you want it published in App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android). As an additional service you can also opt to publish the app under your own brand name.

That’s it!

I want to test a demo app now!

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