The snowball that will start and avalanche in healthcare

It is in the nature of things that sometimes small changes can start up momentous changes. In the physical world there is, perhaps, no better analogue than snow avalanches. In the healthcare world of today the smartphone will generate the same effect. In fact, we are already passed the snowball stage.
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Why is all in on mobile payments

What’s not to like in the image above? A wallet full of money seems perfect in all respects save one: the need to squeeze into your pocket or live with a bulging purse. We won’t even open the security issues attached to this happy wallet.
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The new symbiosis: Big Data needs Apps and vice versa

If you can’t stop the future, why not be part of it? Apps are the foreseeable future. We have been telling this for a while now, but recently another reason for why this will be so has become apparent. Simply put: it is beyond obvious that information is power and whoever manages to tame big data in any given domain lays a claim to a gold patch.
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