Smart mobile exponential growth driven by m-commerce

Business owners across the world need to take notice and listen to the advise from - Go MOBILE or go HOME. Smart Mobile is like a viral video, it is out and can not be stopped. We’ve chosen the image above because of its implicit suggestion that laptops are rapidly moving into the background and smart mobile will take the leading role.
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Publishing apps on iOS - unexpected delays

People will cite several reasons for why you would want to design and publish a newly minted app for iOS. For us, the bottom line is about access to as much of the market as we possible can ensure for our clients. Whether you want it or not, your decision to go for Android or iOS exclusively will not benefit your customers’ long-term interests.
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Dunkin Donuts bets on convenience, home delivery and mobile; do you?

Home delivery is nothing new. It paid for part of my college education, in the early 80s, through a sunglasses company I started that did exactly that - it "delivered". You called on a rotary phone and I visited you home with a full inventory of sunglasses for you to choose from.
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