Smart mobile exponential growth driven by m-commerce

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Business owners across the world need to take notice and listen to the advise from - Go MOBILE or go HOME. Smart Mobile is like a viral video, it is out and can not be stopped. We’ve chosen the image above because of its implicit suggestion that laptops are rapidly moving into the background and smart mobile will take the leading role. The inflection point will be determined by m-commerce and the moment is nearly upon us! logo

Just think about the following estimates on how smart mobile will grow: according to the number of smartphone users will be reaching almost 35% of the global population by the end of 2015 - a 50% increase in just two years and there is no signs of slowing. Mobile payment systems developing across the world will be the next thrust that will position the SMART mobile platform as the preferred ecosystem for global transactions. One market segment after another from banking to healthcare is falling to the consumer empowered with smart mobile.

TechPinions log

In line with this, TechPinions published a couple of weeks ago a post by Ben Bajarin - follow this link to read this great post - arguing that catalysts such as m-commerce, m-banking and m-finance (the m standing for mobile) are increasing at rates that ensure a fast approaching inflection point for the mobile segment. Here are several key points:

  • in China mobile commerce share of total e-commerce is 33%.
  • in the US, mobile share of e-commerce is less than 20%.
  • In October of this year, the US market will go through a massive overhaul of its retail payment terminals to ensure secure chip-and-pin solution; this may prompt a significant increase in mobile contactless card payments from ~ 1% (currently) to 10% of POS transactions in the US in the next 2 years.


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