Dunkin Donuts bets on convenience, home delivery and mobile; do you?

Video capture from CNBC interview with Nigel Travis, CEO of Dunkin Donuts; June 7th 2015

Home delivery is nothing new. It paid for part of my college education, in the early 80s, through a sunglasses company I started that did exactly that - it "delivered". You called on a rotary phone and I visited you home with a full inventory of sunglasses for you to choose from. If I was not home to answer the phone (cell phones not invented) you let a message on my answering machine. The concept of user experience was alive well as we tried to create an experience that meet the needs of the user "an in home experience that was on their schedule".

Fast forward 30+ years are we are back to the delivery of everything. We are sharing everything. The only difference is the addition of mobile computing and it is huge. Everything, anywhere and at anytime is the business model of the future.

CNBC posted several days ago an interview with Dunkin Donuts’ CEO Nigel Travis that shows just how powerful the allure of the mobile segment has become. In the interview you see that Dunkin Donuts already heavily bets on the on-demand delivery made possible by the smartphones. You have to put this interview in the context of Dunkin Donuts’ competitors’ announcements: Starbucks, McDonald's and Chipotle have already trumpeted their plans to test on-demand food delivery. Do you think, even for a second, that Dunkin Donuts had a choice? No, they didn’t’; it’s either go mobile or go out of business.

Now, the question for you is: as a business owner, do you have the luxury of ignoring this trend?

Fast food and retail companies alike look to connect the last mile of operation via mobile delivery services. The next three years will be very challenging to every business owner as they scramble to connect with the mobile user on a daily basis. Uber looks to move anything that’s movable and more. Every single thing - yes! every thing! - will be challenged by the mobile. Donuts, Big Macs, auto repair, gasoline, food, doctors, health tracking, records, tutors, and even clothes will all be coming directly to your home.

Companies across all industries will need to respond as every sector of the economy is about to be disrupted by the power of mobile computing. CashDoctor.Biz has a mobile platform that allows just about every business owner to deploy a mobile strategy with packages starting at $100 per month.


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