The new symbiosis: Big Data needs Apps and vice versa

Growing investment: do you have one?

If you can’t stop the future, why not be part of it? Apps are the foreseeable future. We have been telling this for a while now, but recently another reason for why this will be so has become apparent. Simply put: it is beyond obvious that information is power and whoever manages to tame big data in any given domain lays a claim to a gold patch. Google and Amazon are just two glaring examples. So the future holds a lot of potential to anyone able to mine big data. And apps will be a big part of it!

As with gold mining, there are two type of data mining as well: you can find a rich vein to explore or you can sift a lot of gold-rich dirt to collect it. Getting access to an existing database is like finding the proverbial gold vein. Much more probable though is to have to collect good data by gradually sifting through it. And smartphone apps are so far the best bet for collecting valuable data that will get to be Big Data. The implication is that your app will soon not be valuable only to you as business outlet, but the data you collect may be valuable to third parties as well.

In an age of Big Data, apps are assured to survive, among other reasons, because they collect data. So apps can turn out to be a significant asset if you gain a significant number of end-users for your app and collect data.

Recently, Peter Diamandis alluded to this in one of his posts: "The 3 Major Industries AI and Big Data Will Reshape This Decade". Almost without exception his posts are worth reading and pondering. Give it a try, you will not regret it. Here is an excerpt to get your appetite:

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