Mobile first - an interesting blog post by Benedict Evans

Benedict Evans gaining top position for 'mobile first' keywords

In a sea of information availability is of far less importance than recommended content from a source you trust. One example we came upon rather recently is Benedict Evans' blog. "Mobile first" is a concept touted a lot, but you will not find many blog posts to reach top google search position - Benedict’s take on mobile first is one such example. Below is a snippet we took from the post with two key ideas we underlines to give you a sense of the direction this blog is taking. In fact, you will be well advised to read the last two entries as well: "Apps vs web" and "The future is mobile and apps, except that it isn't".

Key ideas highlighted on a screen capture of Evans' blogpost

Why do we think this is important? Let Rob Stehlin answer this: "I agree with this; in fact, - being a surfer myself - the more I think about it the more like surfing it seems. To be a good surfer you need to study the weather days in advance. You need to know what days to go to the beach. You then need to know the tide situation for the best waves and then you need to be in the water WAITING when the waves come in order to get the best ride. Now some may just luck out and be at the beach and in the water when the perfect wave comes, but that is not the case for the other 95%. Coming back to the mobile first issue: stationary computing has reached a global penetration of approx 1.5 billion to maybe 2.0 billion in 35 years, while mobile has surpassed 2.5 billion in 7 short years and accelerating while PC's are declining. What else is there to add?”


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