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The time has arrived and are you ready. It is no secret that right from the launch of our Mobile App Service on CashDoctor.Biz its founder and CEO, Rob Stehlin, kept sending the same rather aggressive sounding message to all business owners - "Go Mobile or Go Home". In the August 4 edition of Forbes magazine, H.O. Maycotte, takes it one step further by asking whether one should invest in mobile advertising or invest in mobile apps. Recently we have seen even Microsoft shifting their focus to a mobile first strategy both in TV ads and global positioning. Without doubt, the time is here and business owners across the globe will now be forced to go mobile in order to maintain their existing business over competitors that adopt a mobile first strategy.

But let’s say you are convinced that the future is mobile and would like to take advantage of it as soon as possible. What is the best strategy to adopt? Should you invest in mobile advertising or launch a mobile app? One vital aspect business owners must ponder when contemplating the choice of an advertising strategy to be employed is the issue of cost and breadth:

  • Mobile advertising is costly, harder to measure and yet very wide in breadth.
  • Mobile apps on the other hand are very affordable, easier to measure but narrower in focus as they rely on personal referrals and content as dissemination vehicles.

Owners get a choice: "advertise and pray" or "build a mobile app and get to work"? Take the example of Starbucks, for instance: they are betting on the latter approach and investing mainly in mobile applications to elevate the customer experience above that of their competitors. At we remind our customers that a mobile app strategy is a lot like planning and operating a farm; it entails crop planning, ground preparation, planting, cultivating, harvesting and repeating with rotation - all part of a good mobile marketing strategy. In this context, mobile apps provide the business owner with their own "low cost" direct advertising platform that has no incremental cost associated with use, just grow and go... logo

CashDoctor.Biz provides business owners with the most affordable mobile app platform on the market today.

Fast delivery (24 hrs) at an affordable price (starting at $100.00) is a game changer. Now business owners can actually deploy and manage - in real time, no less! - the messaging and content of their own customized app. From e-loyalty to m-commerce, CashDoctor.Biz mobile app service puts the power of mobile literally in the the palm of the business owner.


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