Free Drug Card

You do not have to have an HSA/Health Savings Account to take advantage of this program. You can also Save Money on virtually ALL of your Lab work or Imaging Procedures. This Lab and Imaging Network was designed to provide the very best savings to all of its members on every screening and lab test ordered.

Where to Use the HSA Rx Card Prescription Plan:

Your HSA Rx Card is valid at thousands of locations nationwide. All chain pharmacies and most independent pharmacies have been given equal opportunity to serve you through our program. Additional pharmacies are constantly being recruited, and our pharmacy directory is continually updated.

Simply use the Location tool provided on this Web Site to locate a participating pharmacy near you!

Pharmacy Locator Drug Pricing

How to Use Your Prescription Plan:

  1. Select a Pharmacy/Find a price: Your card is valid at thousands of locations nationwide. Simply use the location and pricing tool provided on this web site to locate a participating pharmacy near you and their pricing information for your prescription medications.
  2. Submit your prescription: Present your prescription to the pharmacist. If you need to transfer a prescription, bring your empty prescription bottle or label with you to the pharmacy.
  3. Show your card: Give your card to the pharmacist each time you place your prescription order.
  4. You Save: Once your prescription is filled you pay the discounted price. It's that easy!

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